Mazatl: Year of the Deer

Altar Regulations

Personal Altar Guidelines

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We invite you to participate in…

Building an altar to commemorate an ancestor. Please follow the guidelines below when assembling your altar. To select a location in the park please attend a Community Workshop or contact us at

INFORMATION TABLE will be in front of the FAMILIA mural. Please check-in and help us build an amazing event.

SET UP 8am – 4pm please make sure that your altar is set up by 4pm.

NAME AND ORGANIZATION PLAQUES should be no larger than 12 inches long and 4 inches tall. This is a noncommercial event.

ALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED during the event. We are making an effort to cut down police intervention during the event. 


ELECTRICITY is not supplied. If you need electricity you will need to bring a silent generator. Please notify us in advance if you will be bringing a silent generator.

FIRE is only allowed in candles that are inside glass or tin recipients.

WATER must be present at each altar. A minimum of one gallon is required just in case some thing catches fire.


PLAYGROUND RULES children and adults supervising children are allowed on the playground. No altars or candles in the playground.

CLEAN UP begins promptly at 11pm.

TRASH, COMPOST, AND RECYCLE BINS are available for you to discard items. Please know where they are before you setup. The park and trash collectors fine us for anything left behind or placed in the wrong bin, so be mindful and considerate of those who stay late to ensure the park is left how it was found.

SCRAPS a nonprofit store, 801 Toland Street, San Francisco 94124, (enter at Newcomb), takes donations and uses them for art. Donations are accepted Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm. We encourage you to recycle your usable art materials and candles.

CONCERNS from the police, rangers, or any attendee can be addressed at the Marigold Project Information Table.

Thanks for participating in this years event. This is a unique and transformative community event and the entire community is grateful for your collaboration, creativity, and love for making it a night to remember. We are looking forward to celebrating and creating Dia de los Muertos with all of you!


Marigold Project